Basics And Learning In Education: Horror Game

Baldis is a bald teacher, you have to find all the notebook and solve three tasks on each of them, that is what Baldis wants you to do.
Halloween is a celebration on the night of October 31, children wear costumes and go to people's homes saying "Trick or treat!" to ask for candy and people give it to them.
Basics are very important in education and learning, you need to know how to learn math well. Basic informations about these horror games is now on the store. You will meet a lot of horror movie characters.
Scary game is not for children, you have to stay away from Baldi and other horror characters who live in Baldis's school.
Basics in the field of education and learning is the first thing you need to study. In these scary games, you have to run around the rooms in the school of horror.
Education and learning are not easy. Solve the scray problems in the notebook that scattered in the haunted school, let's learn the basics in education.
Baldi will chase you. Baldi's a math teacher with bald head, he looks very scary.
Halloween games are usually scary. They were often supernatural beings or from folklore. In the 1930s costumes of characters from literature, movies, or radio became popular. Scary costumes are still popular.
How to play this horror game:
— Education and learning: scary teacher and student
— Solve Baldi's tasks and problem. Basics in education is necessary.
— Halloween games and scary costumes.
— Education and learning: scary teacher and student
— Find a way out of the haunted school, and try to live longer than five nights.
— Horror games with hard mode: Don't be scared
— Freddy is not your friend. You have to go through a real horror.
Baldis can arrange a horror for you if your anser is wrong. And if he finds you, there will be nowhere to go.

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