Big Craft Exploration

Big Craft 2 — is one of the most interesting games in the style of 3D sandbox!
In this game, you are completely free in your actions. Here it is you decide what will be your world in the game!

== There are two game modes.
— Survival: In this mode, you are required to collect the necessary resources to build their lives on the island. Here you can get food, hunting, fishing, tinkering necessary tools to work, to build for yourself a refuge from scrap materials. Over time you will become the owner of the island!
— Creative: Here you have all the necessary resources for creativity! There are no restrictions. You can build anything you want, to demolish and re-build. Here you can almost everything!

You can play with your friends, because together to play a lot more fun!

== — Game Features:
— Is free
— Easily manageRealistic pixel world game play;
— Travel, construction and mining resources on the square world. Crafting items from raw materials, farming and many more development; Flying mode;
— Game of the first and third person

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Скачать на Android

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