Blogger’s $50 Outfit Challenge

Your favorite beauty vlogger is creating a challenge for her and her friend, Ashley on her fashion channel. She’s going to need your help as the guest judge. Are you ready?

You love your favorite beauty vlogger’s fashion channel. You’re always checking out to see the amazing styles and fashion trends she’s talking about hitting big next. You’ve been asked to judge her next challenge between her and her friend, Ashley. Both will get the opportunity to create an awesome outfit that costs less than $50! This $50 Challenge Video contest will pit the two friends against each other. You’ll get the deciding vote on which is your favorite outfit!

How to Play:
• Your favorite vlogger is always doing fun contests
• You were picked to be the guest judge for the next contest
• She’s created a fun challenge between her and Ashley, her great friend
• The $50 Outfit Challenge is on!
• Each vlogger will create their very own coordinated outfit that costs less than $50
• You get to examine each design in depth
• Then, it’s up to you to determine which one is your absolute favorite
• Announce the winner in grand style!

Your time to shine as the guest judge is here! It may be a hard decision, but you’ll love getting to pick out the winner. Download now!

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