Bottle 3D Flip

The water bottle flip challenge is on a simulated 3D world!

Would you like to play this challenge on a 3D — high quality world? Then this is the best game for you!

Drag and drop to give velocity and torque to your container. The higher you drag the most velocity you gain and the faster your release your finger the most momentum you apply to your water bottle that causes more spinning!
You have to calibrate your game-play and find the best amount of speed and distance to land it perfectly!

Keep in mind that every container has it's own weight and resistance to forces!

Choose your favorite container, bottle flip it and try to land correctly!

The containers to choose are:
— Six glass — plastic bottles!
— One water bottle!
— Two juices!
— Two canes!
— More to come!

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Скриншоты Bottle 3D Flip

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