Catch Monster GO!

Are you ready for Real life capture adventure? Test your capturing skills and capture wild monsters in real world environments. Be the very best master that no one ever has! Catch Monster GO! has eye catching graphics that allow you to improve your efficiency to capture more monster and also unique sound effect that enhance your gaming experience.

Monster will appear randomly in street, park and city. Touch the screen to catch them and complete the mission. You have three ball in default. Some monsters require more than one ball to be captured. Upgrade more powerful ball and increase the amount or pokeball you can hold from the store. Tap the monster ball below the screen for more.

This is for you if you love monster catcher game and throwing ball game. Try your best to capture all the monster and become one of the master trainer today!
Catch Monster GO! is a free top game that features:
— Very easy one-touch control, just tap to catch the monster
— Fun and simple gameplay
— Addictive gameplay for both boys and girls
— Free to play and download
— Compete score with friends and family to see who can catch more monster!

Download this amazing game today!

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