CCSWE App Manager Pro License

CCSWE App Manager was designed for users who want to hide icons for applications they do not use without uninstalling the entire application. This is useful for applications like Google Maps that include multiple icons. You can also hide icons for stock system applications which will allow you to continue to receive system updates while saving space in your application drawer.

** NOTE: This is a license only. You will still need to download "CCSWE App Manager", to use the application **

** NOTE: You must have root access in order to use CCSWE App Manager **

Contact if you have any issues (we cannot provide any assistance with rooting your device). We are more than happy to offer any help we can but cannot do anything if you simply give us a low rating instead of contacting us.


— Clear data for any application (including system applications)
— Hide (disable) application icons without uninstalling the application
— Freeze (disable) applications (Pro version only)
— Uninstall any application (including system applications)

Frequently asked questions:

— Why does CCSWE App Manager require root access?

Unfortunately the Android security model does not make it possible for one application to enable/disable components for another application. This makes sense for standard applications because you wouldn't want a competing application to be able to disable yours (ie: install MySpace and it disables Facebook). That is why CCSWE App Manager requires root permissions in order to achieve this.

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