Diamond Mash

Do You Love Match-3 Puzzle Games? Do You Crave FUN Gameplay, POTENT Power-ups and
100+ CHALLENGING Levels? Then Diamond Mash is for You!

> Free Download
> Beautiful Graphics
> Great Sound
> Leaderboard Integration
> 100+ Levels
> Many Extras & Updates

***About Diamond Mash***
You goal is to help the game’s mascot —an adventurous bear —scan a diamond-filled
gameboard, and drag individual diamonds to match 3 similar gems in a row. You can match
diamonds vertically or horizontally.

***100+ Levels***
There are more than 100 levels to unlock, and each level has a target score and a specific
number of moves to reach that amount. For example, the target score for level one is 100, and
there are 5 moves available.

***Potent Power-Ups***
In addition to your skill, you can get some help along the way by using a variety of potent powerups,
such as: adding extra moves, switching diamonds that don’t match, swapping a diamond’s
color, and destroying a bunch of diamonds.

***Think Strategically***
Another element that makes Diamond Mash so much fun is that you need to think strategically,
because every time you match 3 diamonds they disappear from the board – and the diamonds
from the row above fall down. Plus, new diamonds are added to the top of the board. In this
way, just making one brilliant move can help you match many diamonds and earn hundreds or
thousands of points!

***Great Graphics & Sound***
Diamond Mash isn’t just fun to play, but it’s beautiful to watch and hear! The graphics are crisp
and clear, and the music and sound effects enhance the playing experience. You can mute the
sound if you wish.

***Compete With Friends***
In addition to trying to improve your score, you can also challenge friends and climb the
Leaderboard to see who’s the best!

***Ongoing Updates***
We’re always adding great new features and extras to Diamond Mash, and offering them to you

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