Dice SuperStar

■ Game Introduction ■

Meet your favorite starts playing ‘Dice Superstar with SMTOWN’

♡ Challenge World Tour with Your Stars!
Go on your World Tour with your favorite K-POP Stars.

♡ Hold Concerts Strategically in World Famous Cities with your Stars and Maximize Profit!
Staging costs and entrance fees will vary depending on the stats of the Stars you have grown.

♡ A Variety of Skills of Stars!
Each star has a unique skill per his/her album title!
Lead your World Tour using those skills with precise timing and strategy!

♡ Thrilling Real Time Matches!
Play with other CEOs around the world in the real time!
You can play with your friend as a team.

♡ Roll the Dice Featuring Stars!
Various dice design with stars’ nicknames, group logos and etc.
Fancy effects of dice motion

♡ Cute Star Characters Design!
Star characters designed according to their album title concept
Stars’ real voice exclusively recorded for Dice Superstar

■ Community ■

Official Community: https://www.plug.game/dicesuperstar

Dice Superstar requests access permissions to the following only:

— External storage for read / write (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/ READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)
It is accessed to save or read data of Dice Superstar in the external storage.

— Reading the status of the device (READ_PHONE_STATE)
It is accessed to check a user's device and SIM/USIM card information.

— Record audio (RECORD_AUDIO)
It is accessed only when a user records his/her game play. (Naver Café feature)

— Google account information (GET_ACCOUNTS)
It is accessed for Google account verification.

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