Fidget Cube a spinny fidget

Fidget Cube is an anti stress spinny fidget. Spin the fidget cube and play fidget games that will help you increase your focus ability. Download now for free!

— Unlock new cubes (Mario, pokemon and minecraft fidget cubes)
— Play with Spinny fidget in Classroom, Cafe and bar backgrounds

Inspired by Fidget Cube.
Fidget Cube is a 3D game designed to get real Fidget Cube experience.

Spinning fidget cube will unleash SiX brand new spinny fidget cube game.

✓ Fidget Dial.
✓ Fidget Click.
✓ Fidget Glide.
✓ Fidget Flick.
✓ Fidget Roll.
✓ Fidget Rall.

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