Flying Police Car Chase

Want to go fast on the city streets, break the sound barrier, or even fire homing missiles? Get ready for an action packed experience. Try out the latest flying police vehicles in this police car game!

Crime is at an all time high in the city and it is becoming out of control. Police have developed new police vehicles to combat the robbers and keep the city safe from crime. Transform your patrol vehicle from regular state police car into a flying police car with the flick of a switch.

Be careful not to lose track of your target or get too far away from them, they'll get away with commuting the crime. It is your job to stop them at all costs, chase them down in the air before the get out of the city!

Easy to fly and drive with quick transforming, you can get around the huge open environment as quickly as possible to apprehend the criminal. Watch out for other flying cars!

Take down robbers and criminals with any method of your choice; crash into them, boost, fire heat seeking missiles, gun them down with machines guns, and more!

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