Food Truck Simulator

It’s festival season in the city
Time to take the truck simulator games to a complete next level. This time not big cargo trucks, or heavy equipment truck driving. No it’s time to give the people of the city a smile on their faces with food!

Get in your food barrel and make the foodies happy
Get in your food barrel truck and drive around like a real truck driver in the City.
Pick up first your ingredients and start selling your food.
When you sell the food to the foodies and festival party guests they will become very happy
Every happy customer will make you richer and richer.

Features of Food Truck Simulator
▶ Most fun truck simulator on the store
▶ Become the best food barrel truck driver
▶ Beat your competition as a real truck driver
▶ Make all the customers happy
▶ More fun truck simulators and other driving games will follow soon
▶ Bring some fun moments in the city

We hope you will enjoy this realistic truck driving game and that you get a feeling about how it will feel to become a real truck driver.

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