Gangster City Crime Simulator

Tons of weapons to use to fight other gangs, steal any car and drive anywhere, the city is filled with gang crime. Driving game and crime simulator action!

Exciting, action-packed gameplay, play as a tough gang leader, become a powerhouse as you take over the hoods to get full control of the city, taking on fellow gangs and taking the good for your own. Non-stop action; run, drive, shoot, kick, punch, and cause mayhem in the city and other gangs.

Fight other gang members, beat up police officers, terrorize civilians to show them who's boss, steal unique vehicles. Complete special missions and objectives to earn more cash to buy more ammunition for lots of guns and weapons.

With the city free to roam, be the criminal kingpin and rule the streets!

Game Features:
-Break into and drive any vehicle
-Tons of missions to complete
-Massive open world to explore!
-Huge collections of weapons to hack, slash, and shoot
-Realistic driving simulated
-Dynamic camera angles
-Earn money to buy weapons and properties
-Get more money from investments by buying building your empire!

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