Garden Bubble Shooter

With millions of fans worldwide, Garden Bubble Shooter is one of the most famous mobile games of all time. This casual, fun game takes you on a colorful fruit garden journey through plenty of interesting puzzles. It’s simple and funny gameplay appeals to players of all shapes and sizes!


The aim is to eliminate all bubbles. Match 3 or more balls to make them burst.
Tap with your finger on the playing field; and choose the right angle and trajectory to blast away the bubbles.
Clear all the bubbles to level up.
Use the walls to bounce your shots and build 3 bubble combinations.
But choose your bubble cannon shots wisely- after several launches all the bubbles will slowly move down the screen and put you in danger!

Bubble Shooter Tips & Hints
The game ends if a ball reaches the bottom border.
You can use the left and right border to bounce balls.
Bubbles which get separated from the rest will burst as well.
In the lower right corner you can see the color of the upcoming bubble.

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