Ghost Town Epic Escape 3D

Let’s experience this haunted town adventure!
You went on an adventurous journey in a ghost town. You thought that it is safe to find mysteries of this town. But it is haunted and scary. Monsters are around and ready to kill you. Sneaking in this town and making a safe escape is a real challenge.
Ghost Town Epic Escape 3D is full of horror missions. Escape yourself from the haunted area. Use super power to avoid the horror mummies. Skeletons are there to frighten you. Don’t be scare. You cannot kill the dead, burn them. Run and escape from the cemetery. One way to escape this nightmare is to fight them all.
Are you ready to risk your life! Be brave and escape!

Ghost Town Epic Escape 3D Features!
Challenging Horror Missions!
Direction map and Hints!
Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!
Amazing Haunted City to explore!
Interesting Scenarios to complete!

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Скриншоты Ghost Town Epic Escape 3D

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