God of Magic — Chat stories

Chat stories is an excellent roleplay fable gamebook chatting game, where
you are much more than a simple reader: you control and shape the
story by making decision after decision via reading games. Help & protect Voltar, a
wizard kid trapped on a fable island full of dungeons and death. 4 magical storybooks in a fantasy world!

✓ Ride a phoenix! Or you want to battle the phoenix? It’s your decision, you are the reader.
✓ Roleplay a God in this fable!
✓ You are the decision maker!
✓ Explore & protect!
✓ 4 Chat stories and more to come!

Magical storybooks full of exploration. A chronicle in a medieval world, a chatting game, where as the reader — you can overcome obstacles, defeat enemies by playing mini-games and upgrading skills like Lock picking, Spell casting, Dexterity and Logic. Is this fable a mirage, an illusion or you can really protect the world?

Chat with someone from a colorful, funny, roleplay in aunique new world like never
before as the reader! Protect Voltar as his fate is in YOUR hands! A real decision maker gamebook!

Every decision you make influences your progress in this gamebook. Some of
them lead to grave danger, others take you to hidden treasures or certain
death. Ready to play this chatting game? Not satisfied with your decision? Curious what you’d find on other
paths? Wander on the island by choosing other locations on your map and
continue the story from there. You are the reader, casting fireballs, exploring dungeons, taming dragons, riding a phoenix, roleplay and shape the chronicle. Best chat stories for reading for kids!

What kind of a reader will YOU be? Will you protect the good or choose the dark side? It’s your choice! Is it a mirage, just an illusion? Explore dungeons, battle a phoenix, a dragon, demons, protext your friends.

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• Play 4 mini-games to complete challenges and upgrade skills (Lock
picking, Spell casting, Dexterity, Logic). Reading for kids!
• Change the path of the game by jumping to locations on the maps. Roleplay & roll your luck differently.
• Use your gems or watch an ad to buy life potions or roll and skip a challenge.
• Receive push notifications if you want to keep up with what’s happening.
• Buy additional short chat stories to discover more about this exciting world! Ride a phoenix, answer the Sphinx and so on, explore dungeouns!
• Very smooth interface and performance.


• Read the gamebook full of of exploration and decision.
• Decide and shape this fast paced rpg medieval world.
• Roleplay, explore this fable full of adventures
• The choice is yours!

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