HERO WARS: Super Stickman Defense

HERO WARS the return of the original defense game!

In 2020, Mutants and aliens invaded the Earth.
All cities are destroyed. They destroy crops, buildings, bridges and roads.
They are very powerful enemies.
The Co-Army just didn't have what it takes to do.
Heroes must fight against the enemies.
And must retrieve the Earth.

— This game is a real time simulation game (RTS)
— Defend your base by using heroes, weapons.
— Able to attack based on positions and strategies by using characteristics of each hero.
— Collect various heroes, items, skills.
— Make the super power heroes by Level-up!

— You can create unique heroes and destroy the enemies.
— You can upgrade heroes, base, skills, productivity
and others with gold you earn in the war.
— Unlimited numbers of stages.
— Automatic battle and idle mode.
— World ranking system.

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Скриншоты HERO WARS: Super Stickman Defense

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