Left Way Racer

We dare you to make just one lap! If you think you're good enough to survive our tracks, prove it!

Do you like games that are REALLY hard, yes REALLY hard?? It's not as easy as it looks! Yep, it's that hard, so hard, you might not get a single lap in without a bit of practice, but once you do, its just oh sooooo sweet!!

Unlock all of the tracks, earn gold medals and more!

Features include:
— Simple and fun gameplay
— Beautiful pixel art graphics
— Multiple race tracks to choose from
— Additional long tracks for added level of difficulty
— Simple one touch control

One of the best free 8 Bit Retro racing games. Enjoy multiple tracks / courses / circuits. Get addicted, and have fun!

— Simple left by tapping below the track

— Touch and hold to allow the continuous steering

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Скриншоты Left Way Racer

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