LK8000 Beta

LK8000 is a Tactical Flight Navigator for gliders, paragliders, hang-gliders and general aviation. It is a consolidated open-source project born in 2010, available on most platforms: PC, PNA, KOBO, LINUX, IOS (under development), RASPBERRY and ANDROID. LK is translated into 17 languages and used in over 67 countries by many thousands pilots every day.
LK can be configured to act as a navigator for free flight (gliding, paragliding, hang-gliding), for light aircraft (general aviation), and also for trekking and offroad! On our website you can download the necessary maps for your country, together with documentation, hints, tutorials and news. We also offer free support to all users on our international support forum (upon free subscription). Maps can also be downloaded from LK configuration using LKMAPS app.

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