Memetastic Games

Aren't memes just fantastic?

This is a game about all your favorite memes like
dickbutt, harambe, rage face, doge, cate, snek, the_kebab_guy, potatoes, PPAP, banana for scale, apache helicopter, I wish'd teach us more about vikings, 9gag, day/night mode and much more! (some memes couldn't be added because of copyright issues)

It's very simple, there are many different mini games about all the memes which you can unlock with your precious potatoes. By playing the games you earn potatoes and can unlock more games. Your end goal is to get as many potatoes as possible and become potato king on the leaderboard!

Meanwhile there are also some achievements to collect. Very simple and all with a different reward. Just click on rewards and see what you have to do and get back when you did it to get your reward.

Sorry for the long description.
Download now for free and get some free potatoes!

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