MOSAIC 3D Wallpapers


MOSAIC 3D Wallpapers is a library of 160+ Live Wallpapers and GROWING! All wallpapers FREE. All 3D with new updated ENGINE. All wallparers redesigned for FULL 3D Engine.

RANDOM LIST — you can now select/deselect wallpapers for random changes in selected time period.

Wallpaper move if you move phones. Gyroscope/Accelerometr is uses to move camera. Some wallpapers have panoramic size and you can move it on screen (left-right).

This wallpapers works on phones and tablets. Panoramic images looks great on tablets.
On Landscape mode you can move wallpapers top-bottom. On Portrait mode left-right.

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★ Permisions:
INTERNET — permission is ONLY needed to library access, and download wallpapers.
READ / WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE — permission is being used for read/save wallpapers, cache it.

★ To use:
Home > Press Menu > Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers > MOSAIC 3D Wallpapers

★ On LG phones — how to enable open settings :
Click app icon > settings.. Set option 'Slow click' and set option 'Open settings'. Now 3 x slow click on screen open settings.

Description on the wallpaper list:

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