Muscle Car Mustang

This american muscle car driving simulator ensures realistic car damage and accurate driving physics. A free app lets you drive an muscle vehicle and even drift.

There are different game modes to choose from: city, track, forest, desert. In the CITY(2 city + port + town square ) mode you are participant of the city traffic. In the TRACK you are participant of high-speed traffic.

— This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bring you hours of fun.
— Multiplayer mode.
— American Muscle Car Mustang.
— Car damage is extremely realistic.
— It's very simple to select a drive mode.
— You get realistic acceleration.
— Great graphics.
— Plenty of camera settings.
— Interesting missions.
— Paint the cars.
— Day/Night.

1. Do not accelerate while cornering!
2. Use the camera settings to choose the most convenient view for driving.
3. Camera View 4 allows you to set camera mode to 360 degrees.

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While you're thinking, your friend is already driving!

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