My Cute Pet: Talent Show Salon

The pet talent show is all the rage, and you love getting to train your pet with new tricks. You can even add in your friend for a duo act. Get ready for the show!

You’ve been spending all your free time this year training your loyal pet to be the best. You’ll have the most talented pet at the show! You need also to make sure that you look amazing for the talent show by going to the beauty salon.

How to Play:
• The pet talent show is fast approaching
• You’re super excited and have been getting ready all year
• Your pet is ready for their new tricks
• Now, it’s your turn
• Go to the beauty salon
• Get a spa treatment or two so your skin looks flawless
• Add a nice makeup look
• Dress up in an adorable outfit
• Don’t forget you can invite a friend and their pet to join you
• Dominate the competition!

Your pet’s skill is going to really wow the crowd thanks to your efforts! You want to impress them with your show presence, too! Your friends will be so jealous. Download today to get started.

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