My Pet Cat Noir : kity Kraft

WHEN YOU go to play , remember it's not always easy running with a hero in a miraculous adventure!
that can be a super girl a women pet cat or ninja.

The cat noir to save ladybug,must avoid ninja and girl Chibi and dragons unicorn.
so he could run towards reaching and find his best friend the ladybug! It all go to start a few days ago.
challenge now your best friends!

You start playing as Chibi, Start touching to jump and making long jumps to skip obstacoles,
fast like a fox cat noir along the way collect gold…but remember it is very hard.This game is not
also great for Childrens who love Ninja and Samurai adventure games but is great too for adults.

Now the hero cat noir is designed to run across sky nine sees and on top of seven mountainslike ninjacraft Chibi,
jump over deadly spikes and endless pits, collect gold coins and gain powerups, all this with hopes to save
the black cat by running and jumping.However, be aware that requires strategy and geometric logic.

it is a Fantastic design 2D game.

Thanks for downloading Running Hero Chibi Ninja Girl, we hope you will enjoy it.

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