Pen Pineapple Piano Tiles

this exclusive game piano tiles for pen pineapple style is a new game with several options like new tiles skins for pen and pineapple.
Pen Pineapple piano tiles contains over 3,000 musical notes for funnt sound of pen pineapple, to give you the best sounds in the game.
in piano tuiles 2 you'll tap the pen and pineapple tiles more fastest, to get the high score
then in this version of tiles piano, you'll tap only pineapple and pen tiles .
* What is new in pineapple tiles piano and not exist in piano tiles 2 ?
— add more than 3,000 musical note very funny not exists in Don't Tap The White Tile.
— new graphical interface ( click on the black tiles and white tiles are more flexible ).
— you can play online with friends and choose the tile design , pen or pineapple tile.
— in the online mode, the application will choose a tuiles color for you, either pineapple or pen tile.

NB: when you play online with your friends, make sure you are connecting to the internet/3G/4G.

who is the fastest? you or your friends?
play online piano tiles and ne the king of pen pineapple piano.

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