Red city — Paint the town

Red city — Paint the town is an arcade action game where you have to cope with a mob of bandit enemies who learned that you are an agent under cover. At the same time everything that comes to hand comes into play: chairs, cues, sticks, knives, cleavers, bottles and much more. For you in the game, several attack modes are realized: Fists, Attacks by objects, Kicking, Throwing at an opponent with an object, Super-punch. The ability to make a super-punch accumulates over time, as long as you kill enemies. To be honest, you can make faster accumulation. This will make the game more lively and more fun, but for now you have to kill the bandits long while you have, something will appear. A very useful super kick berserk: it gives you the ability to kill enemies with one hit for 15-20 seconds.
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