Scream Go

Big news!The popular game Scream Go-Keep Making Sounds has come to Google Play Store!What are you waiting for? Come and experience this crazy game-Scream Go for free now!
The way to play Scream Go is very easy, You need to control the Scream Go to avoid obstacles, to get more points, roaring open to it, because the Scream Go decided to jump amplitude of voice, shouted so small called essential!All you need to do is helping the little quaver or Scream Go through various of obstacles. But the control may not be that easy. Because you need to control the quaver or Scream Go through voice instead of screen tap.

One thousand players called a thousand! Share with your friends, listen to what they called. The louder the voice, the higher the quaver or Scream Go jumps. Move forward smoothly by keeping a small voice out. There are many cleverly designed obstacles. If you want to win, just keep making sound according to the game’s beat! Do be shy! Just make sounds!

Advance by keeping a small voice out.
Jump in a loud voice.
Make the highest jumps with the loudest voice.

Don’t play the game when others are sleeping.
Please play in a quiet place.

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