Scream Go: Chicken Scream

Use your voice to move your chicken and make it jump.

Scream to jump, whisper or talk to move and walk. scream go chicken game is very populer sound control game. It's free to play. Just make sounds. You can blow, whisper, talk, sing, shout, or even scream it go all out to the note eight and play this chicken scream go game. Every time you make noisy sounds, the hero will jump up & down hero chicken. Don't disturb your friends 🙂 Don't stop playing your chicken scream go game.


15 cool sream chicken.
Move your chicken with your voice.
Awesome graphics and sound effects.
Scream go and don't stop making your chicken move.
Talk or make small sounds to make your chicken walk.

Let's begin to scream now and make your scream go chicken!

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