Sleep Lullaby Add-on

Add-on for Sleep as Android and Mindroid

NEW: 12 additional lullabies — Forest, Car, Fireworks, Baby Doppler, Heart, Vacuum, Shush, Shower, Restaurant..

Lullabies is a feature of the Sleep as Android alarm clock and sleep cycle tracker which help to fall asleep in a faster and fun way. Rather that fixed recordings our lullabies are real-time synthesized, this means each playback will never be the same as the playback before. We use various techniques to make each lullaby a unique experience. Our lullabies take you into different pleasant environments to free your mind from stress and make it relaxed for faster fall asleep.

This add-on Lullaby pack bring 38 new fascinating environments:

Space ship — being a captain on a starship bridge
Slow breath — synchronize your breath with a female slow breath to get relaxed and fall asleep
Jungle — sounds like you are in the middle of the jungle with various exotic animal sounds
NASA's Saturn "Sound" — Saturn radio waves recorded by Cassini spacecraft and turned into sound
Submarine — subtle engine sound, creaking metal, sonar, steam, and deep mines
Tribal drums — native american drums with flute and eagle and wolf sounds
Lava lake — bubbling lava, gas eruptions
Norden — freezing cold winds, howling wolfs
Galloping horse — galloping and other horse noises
Baby fetal sounds — what does a baby hear in the belly
Sheep counting — sheep counting is a traditional method for falling asleep
Girl singing — human voice lullaby — calming humming sound
Summer night — soft crickets background with a distant owl
Frogs in pond — various frog sounds in a calming frogchestra
Cat purr — a purring cat in your in you lap with occasional miaow
Temple bells — a Tibetan bowl sound in the background followed with calming little chart bells
The Om chant — a chanting chorus sings the Om chant
Wind chimes — irregular metallic and bamboo chimes with a wind background
Steam train — repetitive sound of a running historic steam train on the rails, occasional hooting and railway crossings
Music box — grandma's music box
Piano, Flute — short calming melodies
War march — soft drumming and a flute in a civil war theme

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