Subway Ninja Mask Game

Cat Boy is a young hero who jump over moonlit rooftops, and through the night, trying collecting as many coin as he can. and defeat enemies.
villains will do any thing to control the city and you have to help catboy to stop theme,cat boy is one of the – j Мask team but this time he is working alone.
Night ninja and luna girl are throwing obstacles in cat boy way and he should dodgy them.

The new night super hero has come to save the city from evil force!
This kids hero adventures is a games destined to kids and adults as well.. Do you like to join the action thrilling adventure with the night heroes? Don't hesitate and play this amazing game! We sure you will loves it so much once u complete all the challenging mission!

What are you waiting? Just download this copy of this game today!

From the creators of Subway Ninja Mask Game is an award winning adventures action that takes place in a beautiful night city, full of enemies ninja and samurai master. You control one of the pyjamas night hero, find out what is going on and eliminate all the enemies.
If you're looking for a fun game full of adventure! This free game is just for you, at least you should try it
Subway Ninja Mask Game is an awesome game where you can show off your running, jumping, and tossing shuriken skill while collecting the blue gem. Run and dash throughout the subway city and rooftop. Rushing the endless fun and remember to pick up free power-ups along the road.
Enjoy the high quality graphic and intense music!!
Run, jump, and bounce on vines as you help mask boy save his team the super hero game is easy to play with fast finger controls suitable for kids, adults, boys and girls.
We expect all players cat lovers and ninja run lovers have a great time playing it, rate us if you like this game!!!
One on One Multiplayer Race on rooftop
Awesome power-ups upgrade
Avoid enemies ninja, dangerous moving objects, obstacles
Tap anywhere of your devices to perform jump
Tap twice fast to perform super jump
Speed run game for all

— Solo Campaign — 18 challenging levels, more to come!
— Intuitive controls, easy system interface
— Stunning toon graphics
— Supports all android devices, android TV
— Easy one-touch controls
— Cute characters

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