Super MEGA Zoom Full HD Camera

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Best Zoom Camera Application for Android." ★★★★★

Capable of taking HD photos with excellent image quality and processing efficiency.
It uses an advanced zooming algorithm to achieve the highest zooming capacity and to preserve image quality in real time.
Professional Zoom Camera is a full featured and completely free Camera app for Android phones and tablets.

✔ Digital super zoom (the maximum value of super zoom depends on the camera model you have).
✔ Camera image effects (negative, sepia, etc.)
✔ Black / white balance (sunlight, shade, etc.).
✔ Color effects, focus modes for scene modes
✔ Timeout
✔ Burst mode
✔ picture quality
✔ Exposure feature
✔ Timer feature
✔ Audio adjustable
✔ HDR Mode Professional
✔ Quiet camera mode
✔ Multiple flash modes
✔ Live effects
✔ Work offline
✔ touch to capture
✔ Gold rate feature
✔ Storage area indicator
✔ Time display
✔ White balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, face recognition.
✔ Video recording (also supports HD resolution).
✔ Apply date and time stamp, place coordinates and custom text to photos; Save the store date / time and location as video subtitles (.SRT).
✔ (Some) external microphone support.
✔ Widget to take pictures automatically.
✔ Manual controls, ISO, Shutter speed, focus distance (supported devices)
✔ Camera control settings
✔ Stable Shot feature for better photos!
✔ Angle Sensor
✔ RAW capture (on supported devices)
✔ Set the focus distance, ISO, exposure, shutter speed (Lollipop only)
✔ Best practice on camera on Android
✔ Adjustable volume keypad (copyright, image, zoom, or compensation change).

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