Timber Tennis

Let’s celebrate 3 years of Timberman with Timber Tennis!

Take part in annual Timber Tennis World Championship — beat all the rivals (including Princess, Hipster, Boxer and many more). Upgrade your skills, use super-shots, watch out for specials!
Unlock all characters, balls and finally compete in local multiplayer with your friends!

Check your skills in this fast paced arcade game where Timberman meets ping-pong.
Win all the trophies!

— tasty pixel art graphics
— 20+ characters including Timberman and his good friends
— 30+ balls to unlock + challenges
— 10+ different courts
— local multiplayer (split screen)
— awesome 8-bit soundtrack by Stalek (Timberman music composer)

Скачать на Android

Скриншоты Timber Tennis

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