Tom Mad and Jerry Escape

Game jerry escape from tom the cat and collect cheese is very unexpected .

Recommended for Those

— Who love tom an jerry et mouse and cats series .
— Who are sick of boring and stupid stick person games.
— Who are horrible at difficult puzzles and escape the room games.
— Who failed crosswords and minesweeper.
— Who aren’t good at online games.
— Who love dog scooby doo games free .
— Who love manga and animation and have a lot of imaginations.
— Who are looking for funny topic to talk about for chat or fortunetelling.
— Who aren’t satisfied by horror movies or soap operas.
— Girls who love stickers and discount coupons.
— Who likes to share interesting screenshots of games and pictures from smartphone cameras.
— Who aren’t satisfied by photo hunt or card games.

Other Features

— Easy and simple. Fun way to kill time!
— Your favorite music can be set as BGM to play the game!
— Ideal for events like Halloween and Christmas!
— Mental training for kids who likes cute cats and picture books!
— Enjoyable for lovers and as a party game for birthdays and New Year!
— Good for New Year card and business talk topic when exchanging business cards!
— Presents happy recopies for all users!

Easy to Play

— While waiting for taxi, in south park at the restaurant or karaoke.
— On the trains, buses, airplanes and transit when travelling.
— While enjoying snacks, desserts, or any food.
— To refresh from driving a car for sightseeing with a map or getting tired from car navigation.

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