Ultimate Alien Bentenny Diamondhead 10x Transform

The best game of fighting alien, alien wars, you are fans hard alien benten10 Diamond power of the ten protector ?
lets play use transforming fire alien for the first time, and defeat all player with your fire and your new power, its very easy and fun, you must defeat all level 150 level totally. transfrom with the new omnitrix from alien Diamondhead in galaxy. you can beat final stage from buying some potion and power, you can buy a friends of benten not gwen10 to help you and follow up you to clear the level
the enemy is not benten10 but it is from alien galaxy, there are ultimate monster alien, robot, golem, bat, and fly enemy. user your weapon and power to defeat all level using Diamonds transform omnitrix alien benten transform.
dont forget to use this code 15151515 to get first 10k gold to help your Diamondhead alien benten10 kill all enemy ten10 alien and monster robot like golem.and robot alien10
lets help Diamondhead power alien and be come stronger alien in planet ben10

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Скриншоты Ultimate Alien Bentenny Diamondhead 10x Transform

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