Unexpected Prom — High Shcool Love

Nova is taking in charge of this year’s Summer Prom since she is the chairwoman of Student Association.

When she was having dinner with her boyfriend Jesse, she gets an emergency phone call that the hall where will be held the prom is on fire. She had to go back and solve the problem.

Nova finds herself facing a new set of challenges when a message comes to her that Becca, Jesse's ex-girlfriend is the suspect.
Would it be Becca and why dose she destroy the prom? More secrets are waiting to be revealed.

Play as Nova to experience the dramatic high school life, and see what's big event that may happen to you.

>It’s time for high school! Give yourself a makeover started from a refreshing SPA!
>Decorate the annual Summer Prom and prove yourself.
>Get ready to meet the coolest boy in high school!
>He asked you out! Get glammed up for your big date!
>Dress up in the trendiest outfits & impress your boyfriend!
>Dinner date at the most romantic restaurant.
>Oh no! The hall for summer prom is on fire!!! Help to fix the school hall & redecorate it.
>Everything is in a mess.You can’t let your boyfriend see you like this!
>How sweet! He got you flowers!
>Click iShare to know more secrets.
>Will you find out the truth? Can the school summer prom still be held?

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