Universal TV Remote

Are you on an hotel and there are not remote control TV? Replace your old TV remote control and start using the new , convenient and simple universal remote
for most TVs.


— Very easy to use panel with basic buttons to change channels, change the volume, open the menu, turn on and off and more.

— Big buttons to facilitate the elderly or difficulty in vision people.

— Supports most TV models, select it from the menu or type the IP address of your wireless TV or Smart TV.

— If your model is not supported yet, contact with us and we will review the case to be integrated in future updates, the Remote Control for TV is continuous process improvement.

This application is compatible with : LG TV, Samsung TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV, TV Sharp, TV Philips, TV Yamaha, Universa TV Remote Control and support for TV or Smart TV throw Wifi.

We are working to improve this app.

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