WatchChat for WhatsApp

WatchChat is the first app that allows you to open Whatsapp chats directly on your Wear OS watch as well as native (full) Android watch!

— open chats (without having to wait for notifications)
— reply to chats (without having to wait for notifications)

There are tons of bad reviews from people who didn't read the description/ the instructions. If you run into issues, just send me an email so I can assist you setting it up 🙂

Disclaimer: Using the app on your Wear device requires having the app set up on your connected Android phone. On some phones you will have to give the app permission in order for it to connect properly. As this is a 3rd-party-app, I would really appreciate if you had suggestions for further development so I can take your ideas into consideration. If you encounter issues while using the app, don't hesitate to contact me, I am more than happy to help.

Please keep in mind that, as the app isn’t officially affiliated with WhatsApp, available features and functionality are subject to change. To keep up with everything, the app has been updated about once per week since its release in 2017 — I am always looking for ways to offer new features or improve the existing ones.

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