Turn your device into a wind tunnel simulator ! 

Draw obstacles and watch the fluid flow around. Experiment with different sizes, shapes, aerodynamic profiles and see what happens !

Visualize airflow with smoke, particles, or observe pressure field, velocity or turbulences. The simulation engine also computes an approximation of lift and drag.

The Wind Tunnel app lets you create beautiful wind tunnel scenes, play with the fluid and understand physics effects. 
Fluid motion is computed by solving Navier-Stokes equations, at high definition and in real-time thanks to optimized code taking the most out of CPU and GPU performance. You can for example observe the mechanism of lift/drag over an airfoil, and how it stalls when the angle of attack increases (use two-finger rotate gesture to rotate the scene).

Full feature list include :

• choose between 4 actions (lower right button): interact with the fluid, draw obstacles, use eraser tool, or add rotors.

• visualization modes : particles (streamlines, streak lines and random), colored smoke (predefined stripes, streamlines or streak lines), pressure field, speed norm visualization, curl (visualize turbulences), velocity field (visualize speed direction) combined with speed norm or curl. 

• Save/load your own designed scenes.

• Rotate obstacles with two-finger rotate gesture.
• Change smoke color by tapping twice at the top of the wind tunnel (when smoke is on and in “interact” mode )

• Adjust physical parameters : fluid viscosity, obstacle friction, wind tunnel input speed.
• Switch between two simulation modes: wind tunnel or “free” mode where fluid wraps around screen.
• In “Params”, then “Perf.param”, adjust the grid size and smoke resolution (high-end devices are able to compute larger grid sizes, allowing you to draw thinner obstacles).

• Predefined scenes : airfoil, cars, rocks, Kármán vortex street…

Use the android “back” button to close any interface screen, or to undo the previous action (previous draw/erase).
Use the android “menu” button to hide/show the bottom button bar.

The simulation software will not run on some old devices (it requires NEON instructions), if in doubt, try first the free version, WindTunnel Free.

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Many thanks to the beta-test team: Sylvain, Nicolas, Anaïs, Olivier, Valentin, François.

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